Pocahontas Costume

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Pocahontas CostumeOne of the most well-known Native American from the Jamestown settlement is Pocahontas, and Pocahontas Costumes are a great outfit for little girls, teenagers, and adults who are going to a Halloween party or trick or treating. She was very renowned to the early 1600s colonist in the Jamestown community of Virginia. When her father Chief Powhawtan wanted to execute John Rolfe, she convinced her father to spare his life. Later, she came to know John Rolfe, and married him. She actually converted to Christianity and endeared herself to the colonists. John and Pocahontas eventually traveled to London where she was introduced to Queen Anne. She was a courageous and important woman of her time and one to be remembered and honored.

Pocahontas Papoose

Regardless of how little the papoose is, there are several adorable Pocahontas Costumes for them to dress up and go trick or treating in the neighborhood. The material in the outfit is a tan and black simulated deer skin fabric that has the time-honored native designed fringe and beading on the bodice. The ankle bands are fringed, and it comes with a native designed headband that includes a red feather. A long black “wig” completes the costume. It’s available from infant sizes to two years and is priced at under $3.

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Pocahontas Returns

Pocahontas was very self-sufficient and vigorous, and it was well-known how much she was loved by her people and how much she loved this remarkable land. This Pocahontas Costumes is a lovely little light yellowish-tan dress that is decorated with fringe at the “V” hem and it is also adorned with fringe over the chest. This outfit also has a pretty turquoise-colored belt with a cameo picture of Pocahontas on the front. With a sheer overlay over top of the chest that extends into the matching sheer puffy sleeves, this is really an adorable outfit. This costume is available in a large size for less than $40.

Teen Pocahontas CostumePocahontas Teenagers

It’s not just the very young girls that will look wonderful trick or treating or at a Halloween party dressed Pocahontas Costumes; but the older teenage girls will also have a great time in this outfit, and will get many compliments. This is a deer-skin decorated dress with fringe along the bottom of the hem and the sleeves, as well as some great native beading along the collar. The material is very soft and the dress is quite comfy. It sells for under $25 and is available in sizes eight to 12. Don’t forget to add the moccasins, peace pipe, and wig to complete this gorgeous outfit for any young lady.


Another great addition any of these outfits is a set of drums for under $6.

Add a pair of brown fringed ankle boots for any of these Pocahontas girls for under $35. These come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.

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Ordering On-line

Ordering the Pocahontas Costumes on-line is convenient because it can be ordered from home, and it’s generally less expensive than getting them from the local costume stores. Check out our homepage for more Tribal Costume ideas.

Pocahontas Costume

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